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We’ve missed you - please accept this invitation to visit us. You’ll be delighted with our approach to customer service, in line with Peugeot’s long term view of customer care. We’ve recognised the need for an even greater focus on Peugeot owners’ expectations, in terms of quality of work and value for money servicing. We call our new service philosophy AfterCare and our friendly staff are keen to demonstrate this commitment to you.

It’s a while since your last visit and as Peugeot advises that engine oil be changed at least annually, we invite you try our new $189 Peugeot Service Special. As a special customer service offer from Muirs European and outside the standard Peugeot service schedule, we’ll change the oil & filter, conduct a visual inspection and report on the service status of your Peugeot. You’ll receive obligation-free advice on any maintenance needed to bring your Peugeot back in line with the factory recommended Menu Price Service schedule and ensure its ongoing reliability.

As an Authorised Peugeot Dealership, we have staff trained in the use of Peugeot computerised diagnostic tools and equipment, together with the latest software updates and Peugeot genuine parts. We have the expertise to care for the ongoing maintenance, economy & safety of your Peugeot and enhance your motoring enjoyment.

This offer applies to Peugeot models 4-7 years old and is available until June 2014.

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Regan Motors (service centre)

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Service commercial véhicules neufs et occasions : 01 49 33 60 60

Service Après-Vente : 01 49 33 60 20

Entretien Rapide : 01 49 33 60 27

Service Pièces de Rechange et Accessoires : merci de vous présenter sur place muni(e) de la carte grise de votre véhicule

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